Squeeze Treats

Here at Hedda’s Pet Products, we believe you can teach an old dog new tricks, and one of the best ways is to give an old dog (or any dog) a new treat! It’s been a long time (even in human years) since an exciting new treat has been introduced for dogs. That’s what Hedda’s Squeeze Treats aims to fix! (If your dog just saw “fix,” tell him not to worry…we don’t mean it that way.)

Hedda’s Squeeze Treats offer a new way for you to connect with your dog. They’re made from human-grade, all-natural ingredients (sounds tempting, right?), and because they need your help to be squeezed in your dog's mouth, it’s a great way for you to bond with your dog!

Legendary New Yorker cartoonist George Booth brings his unique brand of eccentricity to Hedda's Squeeze Treats.

How can my dog enjoy Squeeze Treats?

From crate and manners training to just showing your love, Hedda’s Squeeze Treats offer a whole new delicious way for you to bond with your canine companion—for puppies, seniors and all dogs in between!

Desensitizing and Counter Conditioning:

  • As a way to ease your dog into loving her/his crate
  • Present the tube immediately after your dog takes note of the trigger
  • Licking is soothing to dogs—let your dog lick right out of the tube
  • Desensitize your dog to wearing a muzzle or head collar by making it fun with Hedda’s Squeeze treats
  • Sqeeze on the side or top of the bathtub to help your dog learn to love a bath
  • Use during grooming, nail trims, ear cleaning, brushing or collar/harness adjustment
  • Desensitize your dog to certain stimuli by letting him/her lick the treat to create a positive association
  • Socialize puppies by letting them lick the treat as they adjust to their new environment
  • Make the visit at the vet's office easier
  • Make the experience at the groomer's a happy one
  • Use for stranger fear or anxiety - unknown person can present treat and help dog keep a distance 

Training and Competition:

  • As a reward for training
  • During leash walking—present where you want your dog to be
  • As a reward after a competition, obedience, agility, nose work, rally, schutzhund, tracking etc.
  • In the show ring as high value motivator
  • As a reward for a rocket recall ("Come")

Treat and Supplement and Medicine Hide:

  • Open the tube’s flip-top or screw the top off, so your dog can lick right out of the tube
  • Enhance your dog’s regular food with a decorative garnish
  • Hide your dog’s medication in the paste
  • Use the Squeeze Treat in food-dispensing chew toys
  • Use it on a wooden spoon for safe delivery, e.g. in case somebody or the dog is timid
  • As a safer way for kids to deliver treats than directly by hand
  • As daily supplement, you can use it generously
  • For older dogs and dogs with sensitive teeth or few teeth
  • You might invent a whole new way to use Squeeze Treats! If you do, let us know!

Made with all-natural ingredients (and love)

I developed this dog treat to support my dog training business many years ago. Each batch is handcrafted with human grade, American-sourced ingredients. Great for training or just giving your dog a delicious treat.



Pumpkin, Salmon, Vitamin C and Vitamin E (all ingredients are American, all natural and human grade)

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein
(Min) 9.18%
Crude Fat
(Min) 1.73%
Crude Fiber
(Max) 0.90%
(Max) 83.80%

Feeding Guidelines:

Intended for dogs only. Use as a convenient treat, for training or behavior modification. Squeeze directly into dog's mouth or use with appropriate food dispensing toy. Use Hedda’s as replacement for spray cheese or peanut butter, which can be unsafe for dogs.

Use Hedda’s as replacement for spray cheese or peanut butter, which can be unsafe for dogs.

Benefits for you both!

  • Made with human-grade, American ingredients (even the packaging is made in the U.S.)
  • Made from only fresh pumpkin and salmon, with vitamins C and E and no artificial preservatives
  • No hand-washing needed: your dog licks the treat, but you only touch the tube
  • Keep your gloves on in the winter—no need to touch the paste directly
  • High in fiber and omega 3 acids
  • Convenient, easy to carry around, fresh and natural
  • A welcome alternative to all those dry, crunchy “bone” and “cookie” treats
  • A nutritious treat which, with your positive reinforcement, bond you and your dog together as a holistic whole!
  • Package is recyclable

Where to Buy

By now, we’re sure your dog is excited about Hedda's Squeeze Treats. Check back here to view the steadily growing list of places where you can buy them. If you want your vet, groomer or trainer to carry Hedda’s Squeeze Treats, have them contact us and we’ll try to make it happen!

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About Hedda’s

For years, Hedda had used squeeze treats with her own dogs.

Unlike most treats she found in the store, Hedda wanted treats that were high in nutritional value, natural and easily delivered.

After Squeeze Treats proved popular with her own dogs, Hedda began using them in her dog-training business, prompting many dog owners to ask her about them, wanting to know what the ingredients were and where they could buy them. Time after time she told them they were homemade, and time after time her clients said, “These are so good, you should be selling them!”

After hearing the same cue so many times, Hedda finally performed the trick. The first flavor she developed for large-scale production was salmon. More flavors are now in development.

All of Hedda’s Squeeze Treats are made with human-grade, American ingredients (even the packaging is made in the U.S.). No artificial preservatives are used. Because of this, they are fresh and have a limited shelf life. When not being used, Squeeze Treats should be refrigerated for maximum enjoyment.

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